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or Midas Method - Horse Racing Betting System - ...As opposed to gambling, horse race betting is a significant industry. Gamblers attempt to suppose exactly what may occur or go by their emotions, depending on luck. But, bettors work out the chances and reap profits. Still a lot of gamblers seem to lose. Why? Because, they do not have an efficient horse racing betting system.There are many horse racing betting systems. Most of these gambling systems depend on a variety of requirements, including analysis of the horses form, financial systems such as hedging. Some systems are based on items such as horse name, jockey form, trainer form and lane draws. Loss recovery systems such as Martingale can also be applied to horse racing.The Midas Method systems will make you money in the long run are based on chances and the numbers, rather than depending on accurate predictions.Ive had a lot of success over the years with horse racing along with other gambling. I believe a lot of my success comes down to using a system and a staking plan. Systems by themselves I do not think really work with their complete potential unless you use a staking plan together. Any punter with a bit of knowledge knows that every system has a run of outs and you require a staking plan in position to ride out those poor runs before victories and profits return.I prefer to systems over tipsters like a system is a bunch of rules, there is no influence of other people for making your decisions. Tipsters can hear things about a certain horse being ready for any race and go with that and include it within their tips and overlook additional factors like has got the horse gone up or down in weight.Dutch Betting or Dutching has existed for years but its frequently been very hard to place such a bet even though you possess a strong betting system! Its all changed with the advent of Betfair and other online gambling sites and dutch bets are now quite simple to set.So what is a