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or - Over The Shoulder Beat Making With BTV SoloGet An Exclusive Discount for BTV Solo ...BTVSolo is here! Watch this over the shoulder beat making with BTV Solo. Watch this video as this user shows just how easy it is to make some awesome, crisp beats within 2 minutes! This video is old and btv solo has made leaps and bounds with every update since. Some of the reasons why BTVSolo is so great: Works on MAC PC Comes loaded with over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds. Over 100 pro drum kits Over 100 electronic acoustic sounds In Built mixer, panning, effect, freqency and much more Effects rack with over 60 effects Effects include phasers, flangers, pitch shifters, high pass/low pass filters, compressors, limitors, reverbs, delays and so on. Is backed by grammy award winning producer, Dallas Austin, who has overseen the engineering behind this product. Is supported by many big time producers such as Rockwilder and Jermaine Dupri You can hook up MIDI controllers, pad controllers, connect to sound modules and more Awesome tutorial videos that will take you from a beginner level to music producer level!