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Believe it or not Karina Smirnoff's killer figure has a lot more to do with diet than it does with all that dancing! The Dancing with the Stars pro let us in on all her secrets by documenting a typical day in her diet for Shape Magazine! First up, the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Karina says she likes to eat eggs because they are high in protein and give her energy throughout the day. Karina says she also tries snacking on fruit three times during the day. Her other go-to snack? Homemade granola! The stunning brunette also has a vice, and loves her Starbucks coffee with sugar-free vanilla or steamed soy milk. Lunch usually consists of spinach or kale salad, and a typical dinner she'll munch on lean protein with a salad and potatoes. She says on nights where she has meat she tries to eat lightly throughout the day to make up for it!