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French Minister of Economy and Finance Pierre Moscovici has found the time in his first year and a half in that job to write a book about it. We interviewed him on the European dimension.Giovanni Magi, euronews: “One of your goals, as you have written in your book “Combats”, is to re-orient European policy to make Europe an area of economic growth. The latest forecasts show that this goal has yet to be achieved. Is it a matter of time or is it necessary to change policy?”Pierre Moscovici, French Economy and Finance Minister: “We are seeing that the euro area and the whole of Europe are coming out of recession. We really have put recession and excessive austerity behind us. The second conclusion is that we have to go further to ensure that Europe really is an area of growth, prosperity and social progress, since growth and social justice go together.”euronews: “There is clearly a problem of governance in Europe; you also write that the European crisis is political rather than economic. Is it realistic today to push towards a European political union?”Moscovici: “Yes, I think so, and in particular it is necessary to strengthen the governance of the euro area. France is making – I am making – several proposals: the first is to create a budget for the euro zone to play a counter-cyclical function, including a common base for ensuring minimum unemployment compensation. The second thing is it’s important that in the next parliament, to be elected next May, that it be an assembly which represents the euro area countries, so that we can talk together about common legislation. I also suggest that there be a permanent and exclusive President of the Euro Group who is not a minister in his own country. In my mind it should also be the Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs; he would be a sort of Minister of Finance for Europe and the euro area, be a clear voice capable of helping to fix positions. Adding a fourth proposal, I say that we absolutely must have a banking...