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Miley Cyrus' two promo videos for her Bangerz tour are like day and night! In fact, they're exactly day and night! Both show off Miley's tongue, twerking, and teddy bears! The only real difference seems to be that one was filmed at night and the other during the day! If one can't get a piece of Justin Bieber, it seems something from her mother is the next best thing. That just may have been what somebody was thinking when he or she decided to take an item that belonged to the pop star's mom. Pattie Mallette tweeted "Got mobbed at the mall! Someone stole my favorite light brown sweater!" The 37-year-old author didn't give any more specifics about the incident, but she is clearly hoping to get the article of clothing back. Lady Gaga stole a page right from Heidi Klum's fashion playbook last night -- strolling New York City dressed as an old, feeble lady ... only problem is when Heidi did it, it was a Halloween joke. Gaga shuffled out of the Ritz Carlton Hotel wearing a shiny purple ensemble with a weird grey wig. Azealia Banks is back on the Twitter warpath, and this time, her target is former collaborator, Pharrell. Yes, Pharrell produced and did the hook for Banks' lead single off Broke With Expensive Taste , but according to the rapper, he is responsible for the single not performing well. Banks has indicated that "ATM Jam" will no longer be on Broke With Expensive Taste , which will be coming out January 2014.