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Yahoo's livestream cameras caught Jennifer Lawrence at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere leaving the red carpet—literally moving the barricade herself and walking off the carpet—to console a crying fan. Miley Cyrus announced on Twitter that both Sky Ferreira and Icona Pop are joining her for the recently-announced Bangerz Tour, saying "Stoked to tour with @iconapop" and "@skyferreira were goinnnnnn onnnnnnn touuurrrrr" What is it with kids these days?! First Justin Bieber in Brazil and now this! You might be able to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam, but you've gotta be careful where you're smoking it! It seems Mileybird is now under investigation for doing the doobie on stage because there is a smoking ban in public places! Tjitte Mastenbroek of the National Food and Consumer Authority has revealed what is going on in the mystery of Mary Jane: "We will shortly be meeting the Ziggo Dome's management to check what exactly happened there. There is a smoking ban in public places in the Netherlands. Oopsie doodles, Mileybird!!! Although, maybe she can just pretend it was a magical illusion?? Does Jennifer Lawrence want a Fifth Hunger Games movie? when asked about the possibility while promoting Catching Fire (in theaters on Nov. 22) with costar Josh Hutcherson, the actress said: "I kind of hope so,". I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we're almost done."