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Leonardo DiCaprio turns 39. To celebrate, he had a rager at TAO nightclub in New York on a Sunday night because that's just how he rolls. Kanye West and 2 Chaniz were also there, and much of the night was documented on instagram This is the most shocking Awards show moments that's happened since…well, Miley Cyrus smoked a blunt onstage yesterday at the EMAs. Sacha Baron Cohen nearly terrified half the crowd at BAFTA-LA's Britannia Awards on Saturday night when he pushed an elderly woman in a wheelchair off the stage while accepting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award For Excellence In Comedy. The woman in question was identified as Grace Collington , the oldest surviving actor to have worked with Charlie Chaplin in a silent movie, 1931's City Lights , even though no such person is listed in the movie's IMDB credits. Thankfully, for all parties concerned, but mostly the woman in the wheelchair pushed headfirst off a stage, the stunt was just a prank. Justin Bieber released yet another slow ballad with his latest track All Bad and it sounds like he's talking about his past relationship with Selena Gomez all while throwing some major shade at her bestie Taylor Swift ! With lyrics like, "Between us, they wanna comment. Your worst enemy some time be your best friend," it kinda sounds like Biebs is trying to reassure Selenita that he isn't the bad guy in all of this and that, perhaps, it was Taylor instigating and bad-mouthing that broke them up! Even though Miley Cyrus got away with lighting up a doobie on stage during the original broadcast of the MTV EMAs, the U.S. put an end to that party. In the edited version aired in the US, Mileybird is shown going to the stage to accept the Best Video Award but during her Mary Jane moment, instead of showing the pot pop princess, the cameras panned to the audience.