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Candy Crush Saga: what's going on guys? So I want to ask you something and I want you to answer honestly...are you totally hooked on Candy Crush right now? It's cool, you are definitely not alone, even my mom can't get enough of "sugar rush" lol. Her problem is that she is always getting stuck on levels. She is all about helping out her friends with lives, and sure she gets some in return, but she is always hitting up the store for more after one of those pesky bombs blows her up lol. You know she is constantly asking me about how my dad is beating her, even though he hasn't been playing for nearly as long. "Josh, how is your father beating me, you know he is already on level 270 and he only got one more star than me on ______ (insert any level here)" Haha, I know she gets frustrated; the game is just so addicting. I wanted to help her beat my dad, so I hit up Google to try to find some secrets she could use. And well, there is a ton of info out there, especially when it comes to YouTube... The problem was I couldn't find anything useful. Most of the tips and cheats out there revolved around hacks, the rest just wasn't good information. And now I was frustrated, I was just going to call it quits, but she is just so into this game that I couldn't give up. She NEEDED this information you know? It took a couple of days, but I eventually found this for her.