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After party : Sorry no official afterparty this week but Luke ran a super long unofficial afterparty on the channel!Live Stream Doc: Link : http://www.squarespace.comSquarespace giveaway:For a chance to win a free one year subscription of Squarespace create a website using the free trial of Squarespace that you can receive by offer code "LINUS11". Then tweet a link to your website with "#linussquarespace"4:13 "... the most amazing website I think anyone has ever seen ever." :Pizza.be5:52 Xbox One launch title performance and Xbox One vs Playstation 4 debate13:50 Iphone 2G is a collectors item (worth up to $5000)16:05 Bill Gates on supplying Internet access to third world countries18:26 Twitter Blitz!23:46 Special Guest Steve Dotto joins28:37 Guest topic: The evolution of PC/tech videos and entertainment39:19 Guest topic: Youtube and Google Plus integration49:45 Guest topic: Microsoft and other chat clients are destroying Skype54:38 Guest topic: Steve's take on Xbox One's changes in market strategy1:11:58 Which is imporatnt as a graphics card launch: R9 290 or gtx 780ti1:19:00 Community's take on R9 290 vs gtx 780ti importance1:24:08 Several more developers adopt AMD Mantel1:26:36 Call of Duty: Ghost's Metacritic Score1:29:16 Call of Duty: Ghost's 6GB of RAM minimum requirement cracked by hackers1:31:47 Call of Duty: Ghost Copy-paste cutscene from Call of Duty: Modern warfare 21:33:22 EA forces Dice to release Battlefield 4 before it was ready1:43:37 Problems with Battlefield 4 DLC1:40:08 LinusTechTips News1:41:38 Battlefield 4 and Axe commercial1:44:06 Google employees speak out against the NSA1:46:06 Nvidia Terga Note 7 could be coming very soon1:49:33 Valve shows off Steam Machine and Controller1:51:33 AMD replaces a man's PC after it was accidentally shot1:52:19 LG shows off the flexibility of upcoming their G Flex smartphone1:54:09...