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Originally uploaded onto Youtube on August 15th, 2013 Got home around 3am and saw this nice PLUR-tastic gift that BOTDF left on one of my videos. Mr. Dahvie Vanity you earned yourself a response. [Video BOTDF commented on] "MRR - BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR CRY WOLF!! The Endless Excuses of Dahvie Vanity [Part 1]" [Other Response(s) to those comments] "Response to Dahvie Vanity" "Dahvie's Second Comment to Stoutmeister" [BOTDF Facebook Post About PLUR] [Source's showing BOTDF's true colors] "Dahvie Vanity's Bullying EXPOSED" "TRUE BLOOD - THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND DAHVIE VANITY" "'Sick of it All' - New Years Day Merch Guy Telling All About BOTDF" "DAHVIE VANITY AND MEEE (he licks maii cheek :3)" "BOTDF X times 3" "Lady Nogrady Exposes BOTDF"!__july2012 "Dahvie Vanity: A true story about Blood on the Dance Floor" "Jeffree Star Tweets on BOTDF" "Tumblr Posts Relating to Ash Costello/BOTDF Feud" "DAHVIE FROM BOTDF GRODIER THAN ANTICIPATED" "Dahvie Vanity Speech" [All GATG Videos on BOTDF] "Blood on the Dance Floor Rants" "BOTDF Fantard Commentaries" [Important Links Below] GATG BACK UP: