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Huge thanks to CreepyKels and PierceTheMadz for recording this podcast that took place on two different days and took weeks of planning. Thank you to NateTalksToYou for his cameo appearance as well as contribution to the thumbnail of this video. Thank you to each and every one of you that was in the call that helped make it fun despite some moments with the Skype connection being horrid at times. Thank you to everyone that support me from the casual viewers to the hardcore ones. This is my treat to you all for being so awesome. For this particular ear cleansing intermission, I wanted to show a bit more diversity by having the call participants show off their tastes in music as well as myself seeing what I have to offer as a cure for the damage "Bad Blood" may cause to your ears. [Call Participants] [Source's showing BOTDF's true colors] "Dahvie Vanity's Bullying EXPOSED" "TRUE BLOOD - THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND DAHVIE VANITY" "'Sick of it All' - New Years Day Merch Guy Telling All About BOTDF" "DAHVIE VANITY AND MEEE (he licks maii cheek :3)" "BOTDF X times 3" "Lady Nogrady Exposes BOTDF"!__july2012 "Dahvie Vanity: A true story about Blood on the Dance Floor" "Jeffree Star Tweets on BOTDF" "Tumblr Posts Relating to Ash Costello/BOTDF Feud" "DAHVIE FROM BOTDF GRODIER THAN ANTICIPATED"