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Relaxin’ with Whales, Music to Relax your Mind, Beautiful and original Sounds of NatureThe various sequences of whale songs on this program were recorded off the coast of Alaska. A whale song can last for up to 30 minutes and acts as a form of sonar that can be heard for many miles.Whales are found in every ocean, spending most of their time in the cold waters of the Arctic and the Antarctic. In 1966 the humpback whale was declared an endangered species by the international Whaling Commission. They are now protected worldwide.1 Whales Seq. I2 Whale Song3 Killer Whales Seq. II4 Whales Seq. III5 Long Gone6 Whales Seq. IV7 Moonlight8 Killer Whales Seq. V9 Dolphin Song10 Whales Seq. VI11 Orca Ballad12 Whales Seq. VII13 Baby Bossa14 Killer Whales Seq. VIII15 Whales Seq. IX16 Whale Song17 Whales Seq. X18 Whales Seq. XI19 Whales Seq. XII - Zenitude Experience is your channel dedicated to giving you a relaxingenvironment through peaceful nature scenes and music therapy.