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Youtube Channel: Whether you're uploading the streaming content or watching/listening to it, you're a felon if this bill passes. That is all. [Petition] "Stop SOPA 2013" [Articles] "SOPA May Be on its Way Back: Streaming Copyrighted Videos Could Soon Be a Felony" "SOPA died in 2012, but Obama administration wants to revive part of it" "Obama Administration Revives SOPA Proposal To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony" "Administration Can't Let Go: Wants To Bring Back Felony Streaming Provisions Of SOPA" [$400 Million Prison in PA] "Philadelphia Schools Closing While A New $400 Million Prison Is Under Construction: Could It Be Worse Than It Sounds?" "Philadelphia closes 23 schools, builds $400 million prison" [Share These Anti-SOPA videos as well] "SOPA Has Returned, Time to Kill it Again (Spread the Word, Petition in Description)" "SOPA IS BACK, DO NOT LET THIS PASS, RAISE YOUR VOICE IN PROTEST!!!" "SOPA 2013 - Destroying Earth" [GATG SOPA Video 2011] "NPS - Our Views on the SOPA Bill - The Stop Internet Piracy Act - The Rise of Censorship" http://youtu...