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Youtube: This video is NOT to say that asking for donations online is a bad thing. In fact, I'm against the view that you shouldn't ask for money if it's for a cause that's honest and really needs attention. While I maintain this viewpoint, I'm also against dishonest donation campaigns. I'm against that concept because it takes attention away from people that actually need help. I've discussed this a good number of times on this channel and I maintain my stance on it now. In this video, I go into depth comparing donation campaigns such as the one that Smosh is doing and other campaigns that have run and are running that I feel are more legitimate causes. I also want to encourage people to not be afraid to ask for donations if the cause is right and you actually need help while you're doing everything on your part within that situation. [Smosh's Video] "Let's Make Food Battle: THE GAME!!!" [Smosh's Indiegogo Campaign] "SMOSH Food Battle THE GAME" [Smosh's Merch Store] [Socialblade - Tip: Socialblade does NOT show the EXACT amount of $$$ made by Youtube partners but estimations. The only real way to check is by logging into your partner network] [Protest the Hero Indiegogo] [Lithium Dawn Indiegogo] [PewDiePie Donations for Clean Water] [MDA's Video on Smosh's Campaign] "@Smosh Is Greedy, Unfunny & Pathetic" [Protest the Hero Music Video] [Introduction to Abigail's Story] "GATG Awareness Vids - Glioblastoma Multiforme: Abigail Grace's Story [Introduction]" http...