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This is more than a commentary on MattyMurderous. This is a combination of commentary, hilarity, music comparisons of BOTDF and other bands and musicians I MYSELF find to be talented and deserve more recognition, calling out hypocrisy, guitar medley by yours truly, and a couple of clips my friend TheMtLeo edited for lulz. Hope you enjoy :) This video is pretty much an excuse to help out these talented musicians, hope you sub them :D Video I commentated on "Vrant on all the BOTDF vrants" GATG Youtube: TSS6's New Channel: BOTDF stealing from Otep: Bob Marley's "One Love": BOTDF encouraging fans to use violence: Matt's video on BOTDF encouraging violence: Dahvie licking 13 year old girls face: "DAHVIE VANITY AND MEEE (he licks maii cheek :3)" [Important Links Below] GATG Facebook Page: GATG Twitter: GATG Fan Forum made by Shredder: STOUTMEISTER'S ORIGINAL MUSIC: STOUTMEISTER'S GUITAR COVERS: STOUTMEISTER & JOE777K7 PROJECT: GATG EMAIL: RANTIPEDIA PAGE: Intro Design: V-Decepticon ( Intro Music: Aeon Zen "Existence" Outro Music: The Indigestion Collaboration - "Montezuma's Revenge"