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Cast: Raja, Bhoomika, S P Balasubramaniam, Tanikella Bharani, Dharmvarapu, Baby Harshita, Ali, Jayalalitha, Surya, etc; Story: B Vijay Kumar Music: K Radhakrishna Lyrics: Veturi and Sahiti Screenplay-dialogues: Indraganti Mohan Krishna, B Satyanarayana Cinematography: Jahawar Reddy Produced by: B Satyanarayana & Raju Khaware Written-Directed by: Indraganti Mohan Krishna Mayabazar is a socio-fantasy flick with right mix of myth and magic. Lord Kubera gets shapam (cursed) by Muneeshwara for commenting on ? manavajati?. Repented Kubera seeks shapavimochanam. By servingManvottama (great human being), he would be off from the curse, says Muni. Srinivas (Raja) is good naturedperson. He works as driver but dreams of earning huge money and serving the needy and underprivileged.He happensto meet a child Siri (Baby Harshita) who is left by his father (Surya) in the airport. He takes careof her but soon finds to know that she has hole in the heart and surgery costs Rs 3 lakhs. On the request of Siri, he takes her to Tirupathi where he vents his anger on Lord Venakeshwara. Hearing this, Lord Kubera comesto the rescue of him and hands over the money and seeks promise from Srinivas that have to help him when he asks. Meanwhile, Srinu becomes a big industrialist and expands his charity work. He also is acquainted by Anupama (Bhoomika) with whom he eventually falls in love with. What help Kubera seeks from Srinivas in the end? Who?s this Anupama? Watch the film for the answers.