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The Horror at MS Aurora Gameplay Indie Horror Gameplay - kisfiu87 Let's Play 720P First Look Playthrough No Commentary PC (HD) The Horror at MS Aurora is an Interactive Movie type adventure game with horror elements. The game was made by Sweden-based 12 O'clock Studios and, according to the developer, it aims to be "an intense and immersive experience, no longer than your average friday-night horror flick". It draws a lot of its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft. The game's story centers around Non-Action Guy Frederick Kirk, who has just signed on as first mate on the cargo ship MS Aurora together with three others: Daniel Lindstrand (the ship's captain), Douglas Olsen (the engineer) and Kenneth Pedersen (the cook and medic). The plot starts out slow enough, but eventually hell quite literally breaks loose and Kirk ends up having to run for his life. The gameplay mechanics are heavily centered around quick time events. Twitter: Facebook: