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Your Own Custom Subliminal Video Made to Order It is recognized by science that your conscious mind uses only one tenth of your mental power. The vast majority of the mental processes going on in the mind are happening at a subconscious level, below your level of conscious awareness. Nine tenths of all the activity going on in your mind, is occurring at a subconscious level. Your Subconscious Mind is nine tenths of your mind, and is therefore nine times more powerful than you, the conscious mind, and hence we say that your Subconscious Mind is nine times cleverer than you. If the subconscious mind is so powerful, and is determining, behind the scenes, how so much of our life plays out, according to old blueprints it has had lying around, usually since childhood, doesn’t it make sense to re-write those old blueprints and bring them up to date with your current, adult life, goals? Of course it does. We reveal now the most effective way to overwrite those old subconscious scripts and get our powerful subconscious minds going in the direction of the goals we have set ourselves. There is an amazing new technology out there, which is used by many of today’s outstanding self made men and women – business successes, athletes, creative people. This science is called Subliminal Programming, and is so powerful, the effects on the Subconscious Mind are so compelling, that it has been banned for commercial advertising purposes in many countries around the world. Even though this technology is banned for commercial advertising use, it has been used effectively in political campaigns. The good news is that we can use this technology on ourselves, to re-program and re-wire our subconscious minds, with our new goals and aims, and replace the old worn-out obsolete patterns that have been there since childhood. By using this technique for as little as 5 minutes per day, you can completely rewire and reformat your neural networks and the neural connections in your brain, so...