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I had all this hair on my head and it was making me hot. It was like I was wearing some kind of sweater hat that hates me. And I said to my self "hay jake, you got all this hair and its not doing you any good." And I said "your right, its just something to brush and it looks all crazy." "Ya so..." "so what?" "dude, cut it off" " you sure" "ya fuck it" "it is really hot, might help" "yes it will help" "but what if I look funny" "you already do" "hay fuck off" "haha dont cry" "Im going to shit on your pillow" "what?" "your pillow, I'll shit on it" "what kind of shit is that to say" "yes shit, and your pillow" "dude" "yes" "this is why you'll never""dont care blablablabalblabla" "oh fuck it I quit" "yep, I'm cutting it off" "what your dick?" ""yes my dick"FaceBook!/thegardensnake