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Jagan, an orthodox Hindu Brahmin and owner of a sweet meat shop, has come up the hard way in life following Gandhian principle and taking part in Freedom struggle movement. His belief in hand spun cloth that he wears, signifies purity in all formats of life, is totally disapproved by his own son who not only discontinues his education, goes to America, marries a girl of his choice and returns back home which causes an upheaval in Jagan and his friends Narasimha's life. Jagan develops an affection for his daughter -- in -- law though she is an American and feels Mali is not giving the due attention his wife deserves. In earlier days Jagan looses his wife because of his involvement in freedom struggle movement and not being able to spend the much needed time with his wife which has caused a repulsion in the attitude of Mali against his father. Mali's desire to start a story writing machine factory by the know -- how from America and asking his father to invest on this venture throws the entire gear of "Malgudi Thinking" and this friction splits the family and Jagan starts living in seclusion in his own house. Ultimately Jagan wants to retire from active working at which time he is informed that his son Mali is caught by the police for drunkenness and has deserted his American wife also. Jagan refuses to assist Mali to get out of the police clutches and advises Narasimha, his friend and philosopher to take care of Mali's wife and to provide her the passage money so that she can return back home. The conflict between the old and young generation, the ideas and ideals and the generation gap makes 'Vendor of Sweets' a story to be remembered for all times to come.