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Patterns in Nature: How Photographs Magnify EvolutionThe Long Now Foundation - Long Now FoundationLife's Journey Through Time with Frans Lanting speaking at a seminar hosted by The Long Now Foundation.It began on a New Jersey beach. Frans Lanting was photographing horseshoe crabs for a story about how they are being ground up for eel bait and at the same time their blood is used for drug testing - a $100 million industry. The crabs have primordial eyesight, which they employ mainly for finding sex partners. Photographing the horseshoes having a spawning orgy one spooky twilight, Lanting felt like he was suddenly back in the Silurian, 430 million years ago...So Lanting and his wife Chris Eckstrom set out in search of "time capsules," places on the present Earth where he could find and photograph all the ancient stages of life. A two-year project expanded to seven years - Stewart Brand blog excerpt, The Long Now Foundation