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This Monday is the annual West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn. What are you looking forward to? What does your Caribbean heritage mean to you?

And how do we view the issue of violence? In six of the last ten years, at least one person has been murdered near the parade route. In the Daily News, Caribbean affairs columnist Jared McCallister writes:

Criminals, not the West Indian American Day Carnival, commit crimes. But bigoted potshots — many from armchair quarterbacks who’ve never been to the event — wrongly portray the event as a crime magnet.
Remember, 17 people were shot around the city in a single day earlier this month and there were no scantily-clad masqueraders or steelpan music to be found. Let’s start to focus on the real problems — violence in the city streets and homes. Carnivals don’t attack people, but criminals do.

Do you agree with McCallister's take? How much does violence define the parade, or do you see it as media sensationalism? Call 212-433-9692 to join the conversation, or post below.


@BrianLehrer The costumes! And the food.

— Julie Whitaker (@julesdwit) August 30, 2013