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Our time is a time of radical changes occurring in our climate, and in the way we approach our economy and finances. These radical changes are also happening in our personal relationships as well as in our work environment. It appears that long upheld structures are being questioned and are disintegrating. Many things are out of balance. The film “The Blue Jewel” offers new solutions to regain this balance. A balance which is of major importance for us to have the kind of freedom every one of us desires. To live in freedom with one’s self, one’s relationships, other people and finally, in peace and balance with our planet Earth upon which we all live. There does not exist an Earth number 2, there does not exist an Earth number 3, there is only one Earth for all of us. What would our Earth be like if man would understand that he and the Earth are one? That we humans are made of the same material as a volcano or a rainbow and that the Earth’s pulse beats to the rhythm of our own? That man is a spiritually aware, being endowed with free will, able to take responsibility for his actions towards himself and the Earth at any time. Once man acknowledges these unique abilities in himself, what a loving world we could create together!