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The All-New Game Show is back with hosts Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich and David "Gweedz" Guida for episode 2 of The Game Show in dazzling HD. COMBO's quick hits of news included drama with the devs of LA Noire, Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D save file problems, games(Team Fortress 2, Tribes) going free-to-play, Angry Birds, and The Supreme Court's decision: video games were protected speech. Plus Gweedz showed us the trailer for Indie Game: The Movie. After COMBO, Jim, Nikole and Gweedz talked about the The Supreme Court vs. Video Games case. The chat rooms agree the ruling was a major win for video games. Game of the week was Shadows of the Damned, developed by Suda51 and Shinji Mikami and published by EA. In the game Garcia Hotspur, a punk rock bounty hunter, must rescue his girlfriend from hell. Find out why "Shadows of the Dizzamned" might be the game your summer is missing. Each month TGS (TANGS if you're nasty) has a drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. You can win tokens by guessing the right order of The Z List. Before each show you can enter to win a token by going to In honor of the 4th of July The Z List was the top 5 American heroes. Congrats to BRAKTHEMAN who was June's Xbox 360 winner! It wouldn't be The Game Show if someone did get hurt. The show closed with a special spin until you fall session of Child of Eden. There will be bruises. The Game Show is taped in front of a live chat room audience. No audience members were harmed in the making of TGS. Make sure to follow The Game Show on twitter. Like TGS on Facebook while you're at it. TAGS: The All New Game Show TGS TANGS Nikole Zivalich Nicole David Gweedz Guida Jim Festante Brian Gramo theStreamtv thestreamdottv theStream tv video games videogames COMBO Supreme Court LA Noire video game case video game law resident evil mercenaries marvel angry birds...