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Thousands of birds are stirring up some problems in Boulia, because they are stripping trees and causing power outages. Birds are cute and don't bother much, right? There are always exceptions though.Thousands of Rose Breasted Cockatoos are stirring up some trouble in the town of Boulia in Queensland, Australia. The birds also know as Galahs are stripping trees and causing power outages. The mayor of Boulia stated “Because they all like to perch on our electrical overhead wires overnight and, if they take a flight during the night or when they take off early morning, they've been causing the wires to hit together and we've been having blackouts.”Over the past 10 weeks, the area has seen an influx in the number of cockatoos due widespread drought in Queensland. The number of cockatoos who are seeking refuge in the area is estimated to be about 2,000. While the birds are not purposely destructive or aggressive towards humans, they are quite a nuisance. They are exceptionally noisy and defecate all over the remote town.Local residents are hoping the cockatoos will leave once the drought breaks. But that might not be in the near future.