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This is the most exposed highline in the world! Smack dab in the middle of the Fisher Towers, Echo and Cottontail Tower have beckoning for a highline for years. 800 ft tall towers, with an obvious and perfect highline gap between them. The only problem was that the project was too massive to give it more than a dream like thought; "wouldn't that be a sick highline?" we'd ask hypothetically. I headed the battle to establish highlines though out the fisher tower range with a few local monkeys from Moab. Since Jan 2012, every major tower in the Fisher Towers had a highline except Echo/ Cottontail. The Titan- " Test of Fate" (35ft long, 600ft high) Established in Oct 2011 F/A team- Hayley Ashburn and Andy Lewis Ancient Art- "Artistic Expression" (50ft long, 400ft high) Established Oct 2011 F/A team- Andy Lewis, Scott Rogers, Flo Hansen The Cobra- " It Had To Be Snakes" (50ft long, 50ft high) Established Nov 2011 F/A team- Andy Lewis, Jan Galek, Scott Rogers, Jordan Tybon, Faith Dickey, Jeremy Louis, Braden Mayfield The King Fisher- "The Erotic Narcotic" (90ft long, 300ft high) Established Dec 2011 F/A team- Andy Lewis, Jan Galek, Scott Rogers, Jordan Tybon, Faith Dickey, Hayley Ashburn The Minotaur- "Cow Boy Style" (30ft long, 300ft high) Established Jan 2012 F/A team- Ryan Matson, Andy Lewis, Hayley Ashburn, Scott Rogers Echo and Cottontail was a different project entirely. It had harder and more climbing then all the other projects; 14 pitches of c2- c3 aid climbing. It also had a significantly longer gap than all the other projects; we didn't know but we estimated over 200. In awe we usually just passed by the towers on our way to another project. But, April 2012, we charged. The entire project took all the energy that everyone had. The entire team was more than 7 people, but Scott Rogers, Hayley Ashburn, and I were the main riggers. Just to climb, haul, and fix lines up to the summits of both towers took a week of hard ass work. Then when we finally got to the...