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Although it is still very young, Play Rock Music Festival is highly rated as the third largest music festival in China besides Midi and Strawberry. In the past two years, many well-known musicians and bands like Cui Jian, Tang Dynasty, Yip Sai Wing, Sodagreen, Edison Chen, Tanya Chua, MC Hotdog, Xie Tianxiao, Alan Ko, Josie Ho, Boran Jing, Miserable Faith, Second Hand Rose Band, Escape Plan, Hao Yun performed on Play Rock Music Festival’s stage. As Cui Jian said, Play Rock Music Festival brought with him a refreshing outlook of music festival, and he is very happy to communicate with his fans in Hefei. While we are still waiting for Play Rock Music Festival 2013, why don't we just look back to all those interesting scenes last year?