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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!This week's Fanboy Faceoff pitted two of the toughest action-horror ladies against one another and it proved to be a difficult task for many of you to decide on a winner. We've got the results and the outcome may just surprise you.First up we have Alice from the Resident Evil series that many of you thought would be unstoppable with her full T-Virus powers that provided her with superhuman strength, agility, healing powers and even telekinesis . ZaeZaeWarner commented, "If we compare them both at the height of their power, Alice would win without even breaking a nail." Though Alice would clearly give Selene a tough battle with all her powers intact, some of you thought she could deal out some major damage even without her powers. DragonLord631 thought a single vampire would be no problem for someone used to killing hordes of undead saying, "Alice is one mad killing machine and if she can kill zombies then she has no problem killing vampires." It was no easy call with two incredible fighters, but d1ff3 thought Alice possessed one thing that would bring her the victory. "A close call, but I think Alice would win because she is simply more bad ass...Alice is in her prime while Selene is an old bat."Selene may be old, but there were plenty of you that thought her age and experience was just the thing she needed to take Alice down. Wolfskinchanger brought up that exact point stating, "Selene all the way. She has all the same weapon skills as Alice, she's inhumanly strong and agile, and she's had centuries to learn how to use it all." Another point for Selene is the fact that Alice has lost her powers while Selene has only gotten stronger. Bigdady149 thought Alice at one point would win, but without her powers, "She still will put up a fight...but in the end Selene will win cause she can't die from regular guns...