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Subscribe! Follow Us On Twitter Become a Real Fan What's the one thing we've wanted since the PS3 was announced? well, a reboot for Final Fantasy 7..Now it's been teased a few times, there was even talk about an HD reboot for the PC. But in a Q and A at the the annual shareholders meeting, the CEO of Square Enix said that we will get a reboot to Final Fantasy 7, but not until they make a Final Fantasy game that tops the quality and sales of thier best game so far. The CEO claimed that if they started rebooting RPGs, it could essentially be the end for that genre. which kinda makes sense. As soon as one RPG is reboot, could you imagine all the other great role playing games we had growing up that would be great for a reboot? Look what happend to the movie industry, the reboots just take over as a money making machine..But at the same time, Square Enix will NEVER make a game that beats out Final Fantasy 7. I've been a fan of the franchise from the begining, but I couldn't stand 13 or 13-2. I honestly, don't know if the company is capable of making a ground breaking Final Fantasy game again. And it's not just in my doubt in that company. HOnestly, I'm looking forward to Sleeping Dogs, they can put out a good game. But you have to look at the time that FF7 was released. It was everything the masses hadn't seen in a game before. Now, it's all been done, and personally, I think most of the North American gamer audience is getting a bit over the JRPG. In short, I don't think it's possible to duplicate the success of Final Fantasy 7, therfore, by their remark, I don't think we'll get a reboot. But hey, how bout and HD rerelease? .So how does this make all of you feel? Honestly, if we can't have final fantasy 7, how bout a reboot for final fantasy 3? WHich RPG do you want to see get reboot? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to hit that subscribe button...