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or - The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer! - The Dark Knight Rises New Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!This summer is all about the superhero's and two of the biggest of all time are ready to go head-to-head. Before Spider-Man and Batman battle at the box office, we thought we would pit them against each other in the ultimate superhero showdown - Fanboy Faceoff! The ultimate winner will be determined by you, our experts. So let's get started!Batman made its film debut in 1989 and became an instant hit and has been credited as launching the comic book movie phenomenon. But after two more successful films, the franchise hit a bump in 1997 with the critically panned and box office flop Batman & Robin. That film nearly destroyed Batman on the big screen, but he soon came back better than ever when director Christopher Nolan inherited the franchise with the release of Batman Begins in 2005. Despite the film's amazing success, it was nothing compared to the release of 2008's The Dark Knight which went on to gross over one billion dollars worldwide. The six film combined have garnered a staggering $2.6 billion worldwide making it not only one of the most successful superhero franchises of all time, but one of the most successful movie franchises period.Spawned by the success of Batman, Spider-Man swung onto movie screens in 2002 and went on to make $807 million worldwide. Two more equally successful films followed with 2007's Spider-Man 3 becoming one of the biggest films of all time taking in $885 million. The franchise has brought in $2.5 billion worldwide, a little less than Batman, but that's with only three movies to Batman's six.It's not all about box office prowess though. It takes serious skills to be victorious and these two are definitely some of the toughest competition out there...