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Presented by Emily Jane BrownA special show in honour of International Women's Day. Every feature in this show celebrates inspirational women from a variety of fields both in the community and public life! Slut walksWe kick off with an event where London 360 took to the streets of central London to join slut walks where women in their underwear demonstrated for the right to wear what they like without the fear of being attacked....Latisha Ma joined the march!Big issue seller, Billie BickleyIf you're a regular London visitor you will have seen numerous homeless vendors selling THE BIG ISSUE magazine on our streets. This past year marks the 20th birthday of the Big Issue mag, so we wanted to pay tribute to one of the most pro-active vendors in the city -- let us introduce you to Billie Bickley, whose infectious charm and energy has captivated people across our capital. Female boxingThe 2012 Olympic games will feature female boxing for the very first time. Sports fans will be able to see the likes of Natasha Jonas and Nikki Adams fight it out for thegold medal. But will catch on? Abdullah Moallim finds out whether or not this sport will be a knockout.Women's tea partyLondon360 went down to the 'Don't turn back time' march in Central London. The march was mainly led by feminists looking at how the government's cost cutting is affecting women. Helena Poole travelled back in time to take a look at the action. Featuring Tanya Gold.Sock MobOur Londoner of the Week has gone through years of sleeping rough on the capital's streets to guiding other people around them. She's one of the many homeless or ex-homeless people being helped back into work by volunteer group Sock Mob. We headed down to Hoxton to take part in a tour of the London-less-travelled.Women in film and TVIt's easy to assume that women in the creative industries get a fairer deal when it comes to the pay gap and employment opportunities compared to traditional industries, but with the ongoing rows over...