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COMMENT. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to Con’s LEGS & ABS BLASTER Not For WIMPS Workout by ConikiTVNote: These weights are based on a body weight of 75kg, therefore if you weigh 100kg then adjust total weight up by 33%, if body weight is 50kg then adjust total weight down by 33%.SUPERSET 1 Do one set of of Leg Extension immediately followed by one set of Lying Leg Curls without rest. Leg Extension Lying Leg Curls (Point Toes) 15 reps 20kg (44lb) 3 plates (20lb / plate) 8 reps 40kg (88lb) 5 plates 6 reps 60kg (132lb) 6 plates 20 reps 25kg (44lb) 3.5 platesSUPERSET 2 Do one set of Olympic Barbbell Front Squats (heels elevated 1 inch or 2.5cm) immediately followed by one set of Lying Knee Raises AND one set of Lying Handcuff ABS without rest. Olympic Barbbell Front Squats Lying Knee Raises + Lying Handcuff ABS 15 reps Bar + 10kg (22lb) x 15 + 15 8 reps Bar + 30kg (66lb) x 15 + 15 6 reps Bar + 40kg (88lb) x 15 + 15 20 reps Bar + 20kg (44lb) ..........................FINISHED !FACEBOOK http://www.ConikiTV.comTWITTER!/conikitvGet YOUR Gymboss Interval Timer HERE YOUR Ultimate Sandbag HERE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE