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House Turns Into Parking Garage During Day - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.People around the world are continuing to migrate from rural parts to large urban areas. This pattern is leading to expanded suburban areas and increased number of commuters from the suburbs to downtown. One of the more complex problem that arises as a result is how to accommodate those commuter cars within the cities and the need to keep building more parking spaces.Designer Aaron Cheng has come up with a creative concept to address this challenge. The underlying premise of the concept is that the residential units are empty during the day when parking spaces are needed and vice versa. What if we could overlap the two? During the day, residential units compress and turn into parking spaces and at night, the space changes back to residential units.He proposes evaluating which parts of a home would be fixed and which ones compressible. For instance, rooms that have appliances are more or less fixed whereas the ones with furniture like living room and dining room have more flexibility. And the unit is compressed and released using a pneumatic structure.What are your thoughts? Can this solution solve the parking problem in cities?