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Pavarotti Look-Alike Denied Bank Card - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Many believe that we all have a double on this planet - someone who has almost identical looks. What if you looked like a celebrity? There are definitely perks but what about the disadvantages?Well, one such man experienced the not-so-good aspect of being a celebrity look-alike. Colin Miller happens to look like Luciana Pavarotti, one of the greatest opera singers who passed away in 2007. Miller applied for a bank card with Barclays and as per the bank's guidelines uploaded his picture on the website. To his surprise, few days later, the bank informed that his application had been rejected because he has uploaded a photo of Pavarotti, for which he does not have the copyright.Fortunately, after some back and forth with the bank, Miller was able to convince them that this is his real image. Eventually, the bank recognized the error and his card was issued.Do you ever wonder if you look like a celebrity? has a fun feature - you upload your own photo and it'll show your celebrity twin!