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A troublesome crow in Derby, United Kingdom is annoying residents. It appears the one bird is stirring up some trouble, by pecking homeowners’ windows.Birds are cute and don't bother much, right? There are always exceptions though.A troublesome crow in Derby, United Kingdom is annoying residents by pecking homeowners’ windows. It just continues pecking even if humans on the other side of the windows walk up and stare at it. The bird was first noticed in late May of this year and is described as excessively large and disheveled. One local resident stated “It's now started pecking several times a day. When I go upstairs, it's out on the window walking up and down and looking at me. It's quite a Hitchcock-type experience.” Locals are left with damaged windows, as the crow leaves behind peck or scratch marks. Residents are forced to close curtains and keep windows shut during the beautiful summer weather because of the bird's strange behavior. Some people have even resorted to hanging CD’s outside their home, hoping the crow will attack them rather than expensive windows. What do you think? What should the residents do?