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or - Fanboy Faceoff Playlist! - The Avengers Clevver U! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!This week's Fanboy Faceoff was all about teamwork as two of the most popular superhero franchises of all time faced off with your votes deciding the winner.The Avengers and X-Men may be battling it out in the comic books, but The Avengers are clearly on everyone's minds in the movie world which has helped garner them a lot of fans. Many of you thought there was one thing The Avengers had that the X-Men didn't that would be the key to their winning and it can be summed up in four words. Yes, the big green wrecking machine was the topic of many debates. Viewer littlelarry05 even thought Hulk could take on the entire X-Men alone saying, "The Hulk would do it himself while the rest of The Avengers stand around drinking tea." While most agreed that Hulk would be pretty unstoppable, some did think there were a few members of the X-Men that could challenge him including Wolverine, Rogue and especially Jean Grey as Phoenix. shykstuma countered by saying, "There's just no way [Hulk] could solo the entire X-MEN...Phoenix Jean can outright kill the hulk or slow him down considerably (because of his regeneration) by continuously disintegrating him."So even though the Avengers have Hulk and a straight up god, some believe sheer numbers and diversity of powers the X-Men possess would be enough to take them out. aquamarine11500 brought up this very point stating, "Mutants as a whole are more versatile and have many different power sets that gives them greater power depth. There's a mutation for just about every power an Avenger has a mutant or X-men possesses." Despite the overwhelming number of X-Men, 44excalibur thought the Avengers motivation would give them the edge they needed to win commenting, "The X-Men mostly fight and stand for...