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Classic Game Room HD reviews FRENZY for Colecovision, the sequel to BERZERK!!!! Released in 1982 by Stern, Frenzy is very similar to Berzerk but with many advancements. Evil Otto returns and once again you are surrounded by armies of robots and bad guys trying to tear you limb from limb or shoot you with laser beams. ThisColeco Vision review of Frenzy has gameplay footage showing Frenzy being played. This arcade game only made an appearance on 2 video game consoles, the Colecovision and ZX Spectrum. It is one of the greatest video games ever made and should appeal to anyone to enjoys Berzerk and Robotron 2084. Frenzy can be found easy on Ebay and you can't live another second without owning it and playing Frenzy in a frenzied frenzy of frantic Frenzy game playing! Classic Game Room HD is the Colecovision reviewering reviewing Coleco Vision classic retro old school video games!