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'Like' us on Facebook - us on Twitter - BY JOANNE COLLINSPRODUCED BY JOHN HOUGHVersives are a two-piece electronica outfit from Cork, Irelandconsisting of Alan Matthews and Kevin J. Power. After carefully craftingtheir sound over a series of EPs with producer Ciarán O' Shea(ex-Cyclefly), Versives' first single 'Kicking Up a Brand New Storm' waspicked up by BBC Radio in the UK and led to a deal with Leeds-basedindependent label TAKEA!MF!RE, who are digitally releasing the band's musicin Britain. In Ireland, Versives have featured on TV3's 'The Apprentice'('Bacstage Pass' Best Unsigned Bands Compilation CD), the IMRO ShowcaseTour, national radio playlists including extensive play and live sessionson RTÉ 2FM, as well as touring with their sharp, intense live shows. 'Two Enemies' is the band's current single taken from theforthcoming album *Prussian Blushes* and has received nationwide airplay inIreland and universally positive reviews.* REVIEWS*"Yet another revelation to emerge practically fully-formed from a currentlythriving Cork scene, Versives are a three-piece electronic outfit with adistinctively warm and hugging sound. Two Enemies is a short yetstupendously convincing teaser of real magic in works." - AU Magazine"To our ears, this is Versives' best look yet: mysterious, earthy anddoused in otherworldly charm."- Hotpress"Imagine Keane were given an electronic sample desk . . . and some talent,and you would have Versives" - carefully crafted synth-pop is simply primed for a larger audience,with singles like* Prussian Blushes* and upcoming singles *Two Enemies *markthem out as an ongoing concern to be watched. - Live