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http://www.balconytv.comBALCONYTV DUBLIN 24/08/2009PRESENTED BY PAULINE FREEMANAlthough this band is very different now to how it was when I first started it and has had numerous line-up changes along the way; I wanted to use this space to reflect upon the journey so far as all of the experiences gained and people I have met along the way have all helped form important parts of this band.Having trawled through the many pieces of paper containing song ideas, lyrics, set lists and diary entries that I found, I believe that Dinky started around the middle of the year 2000. Although there was no physical band at this point, I had begun writing some new songs that has passed the mom test (song ideas my mom would be heard singing days after I had played them her, which is how I gauged whether I should continue working on them) that I wanted to record under the moniker Dinky. In January 2001 my best friend and songwritting partner, Paul Chapman sadly passed away. His creativity always motivated me and his inspirational words still resonate in my head today. I used music to express my thoughts and feelings at the time and as a result I started to feel a new confidence in song writing.A few months later I felt ready to connect my ideas with a band and so I was joined by Wayne Moseley on Bass and Scott Whitten on Drums. Later in the year Henry Summers completed the line up on Keyboards. We spent the rest of the year rehearsing, writing new songs and playing live.At the start of 2002 we begun recording some songs which would eventually form an EP entitled: Shimmy Shake a Go Go. The recording sessions were very turbulent as the tracks ended up being re-recorded in 3 different studios as we struggled to find the right sound. Commitment levels started to drop as we werent playing live or writing any new material and after 10 months in and out of studios, we still hadnt recorded anything we felt happy with. However a deadline was set in place for the EP as I had booked a...