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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Hey Fanboys, I'm Tatiana Carrier and this is Fanboy Faceoff, the show that pits your favorite comic book, sci-fi, fantasy and horror characters in a battle to the death...okay not to the death, but in a battle to be the ultimate Fanboy Superstar. Each week we'll pick two characters to faceoff and the ultimate winner will be chosen by you, our experts.This week, we have a big showdown between two of Marvel's most popular characters - Captain America and Thor. It was only a mere second of footage, but one of the most memorable and anticipated moments revealed in The Avengers trailer was the promise of a battle between these two powerhouses. We know it will probably only be a minor spat as they will eventually come together as one to battle Loki and his army of Skrulls...Redacted...Or whatever they end up being. Anyway, it got us thinking. Who would come out on top in a battle between these two behemoths? Super soldier vs. god. Hammer vs shield.This isn't the first time these two heroes have battled it out. Last year, they went head-to-head for summer box office supremacy with the release of their two films. It was a pretty close battle from the start with both films bringing in $65 million for their opening weekends. It was also pretty close for both film's US totals with Thor bringing in $181 million and Captain America managing a respectable $171 million. The figures for the worldwide box office weren't so close, as Thor brought in $446 million to Captain America's $366. It kind of makes sense though. He is Captain AMERICA after all and not Captain World. Another big win for Thor in this category is the fact that a sequel has already been set for November 15th, 2013. Despite rumors that a Captain America sequel is on the way, nothing yet has been confirmed.So Thor wins the box office round, but what about...