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Ideas for Chocolate Bars - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I do not think we can be in a candy store and talk about candy without talking about chocolate bars. Everybody loves chocolate bars and the good thing is is that today there is so many chocolate bars that there are choices for really everybody. Some of the chocolate bars that we have are these Theo Organic and Fair Trade chocolate bars. Now this is a bean to bar kind of chocolate bar. Meaning that the company who makes these watch over the manufacturing process from the very beginning to the very end. These are delicious and come in several different flavors. Another really popular bar are these Seattle Chocolates Truffle Fudge Bars. Seattle Chocolates makes several different flavors of these truffle fudge bars. The inside is smooth and creamy, like you would expect a truffle fudge to be like and they come in the most exotic flavors you can imagine. Some of our most popular ones are right here. This Samones Sea Salt is really popular. As well as Coconut Macaroon. They also make this bar that I wanted to mention, which is called Survivor Chick. It has a wonderful blend of flavors and the great thing is that a hundred percent of the profits go to fighting breast cancer. Another fun bar, of course, is the Wonka line of chocolate bars and we carry all of them. You have got Scrumdidilioumptious, Waterfall, caramel and fudge. I will tell you it does not matter how old you are, everybody loves these bars. Another line of chocolate bars that are available are these Chocolove Bars. Now these bars are made here in the United States in Colorado. They come in wonderful flavors. Two of the most popular flavors are the almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate and this seventy percent dark chocolate. Now this is a very high quality bar and what is really fun and unique about these bars is that there is a love poem inside every one. So if you want to create a special gift for someone and tell them how speci...