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Ideas for Imported Candies - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi I am Linda Eaton, owner and founder of Montrose Candy Company here in Montrose, California. There are also a number of imported candies that you can choose from and some of them are just so wonderful and unique and it is so great that you can actually find them here. One of our most popular candies is this bar from Nestle and it is made in Australia. It is called Violet Crumble and the tag line is "It is the way it shatters that matters". It is a wonderful, light, honey-combed center, covered in a rich milk chocolate. Some people say you are supposed to wack this bar on the counter, shatter it in to a little pieces and share it with all your friends. Another popular candy bar from the imports is this Curlywurly. This is from Cadburry in the UK. Some people might remember this as the Marathon Bar, they come in asking for Marathon Bars but those are not made anymore. It is now a Curlywurly. And what this is is a simple braid of caramel, covered in milk chocolate. Pure and simple, wonderful tasting bar. If you are looking for a Kit Kat Bar, did you know that Kit Kats in the United States are not made by Nestle? That is the only place in the world where those Kit Kats are not licensed under the Nestle name. If you go any where else in the world and you find a Kit Kat Bar it is sure to be a Nestle Kit Kat. And Kit Kat connoisseurs definately know the difference. You have here the choice between the original Kit Kat 4 Finger Bar and a rich 70% Dark chocolate Kit Kat Bar. Both are wonderful, delicious, light, crispy wafer bars. Also very, very popular are these two Aero Bars made by Nestle. They come in two different flavors, original chocolate and mint. Why is it called Aero? Because these bars are actually aerated chocolate, so when you break it open you see little air bubbles inside that make the chocolate light, creamy and fluffy to the taste. Another item you can find are these Halvah B...