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Ideas for Green Candies - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. We have a lot of green candies here in the store. To start off with, we have Green Apple Sour Belts. We have Sour Belts in all kinds of flavors, so everybody loves green apple, but when they buy those sour belts, they tend to buy every flavor we carry. These are long strips of candy, dusted with sugar, with a sour green apple flavor -- really, really popular. People who buy these, tend to buy all the other flavors as well because sour belts are that good. We also have Sour Patch Apples. These are adorable little apples that are sour inside, dusted with sugar. These make great gifts for teachers at the beginning and end of the school year. Another green candy that we feature are these Gummie Green Army Men. These look just like the real deal, little army men holding their weapons, ready to go fight. We had a lady come in the store and she had a brother who was stationed in the military overseas, and she just wanted to send him something that would remind him of home. So she took some of these Gummie Green Army Men, and some of our Gummie Jet Fighters, and put together a care package for him, and he loved it. Some other green candies that we carry here in the store, are these little Mint Julip Chews. These are just like a little Starburst, but they have a wonderful mint juliped flavor. And of course, who can forget Jolly Rancher Sticks. These have been around forever, and the green apple is one of the most popular flavors. We also carry a lot of different flavors of candy sticks. These two happen to be sour apple and lemon-lime flavor. These are little apple-flavored candies and they are actually made with real apple juice. So these little green candies are super popular as well, and the little box is great for kids because you can just buy a small box and have a few to taste. We also carry different flavors of Jelly Bellies that are green. We have green apple, margarita and juicy pear...