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Ideas for Gums and Mints - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Looking for gum or mints? There are so many choices available today. Let me show you a few. Hot dog cinnamon gum. These little gums have been around since before I was a kid. Adults today come in here, and remember these gums from when they were a kid. And they are just like they were when they were first made. 2 long pieces of cinnamon gum that look like those funny little hot dog dogs. Another popular candy that is been around for a long time, and actually comes in several different flavors, are Razzles. Razzles come in original, tropical, and sour. And that is the candy that starts like a candy, and ends like a gum. If you are looking for mints, of course, Mentos is always a great choice. And Mentos come in several different flavors. Single fruit flavors, rainbow flavor, cinnamon, strawberry. You name it, they have got it. C. Howard's is another line of mints and gum that makes some really great original flavors. One of our most popular are these C. Howard's Violet Mints. They come in violet mints, and they also come in violet gum. Both of them are super popular, and has a very original, unique taste. One of their newest products are these guava mints. If you like the taste of guava fruit, you will love these. I, personally, have not been able to finish one without biting right into it, and chewing it to get all that wonderful guava flavor right out. A really popular gum, of course, is one of these nostalgic gums called Fruit Stripe Gum. And Fruit Stripe Gum comes in original, bubble gum, and sugar free flavors. And what is really fun is that it has a wonderful, the original has a wonderful fruity flavor. And, inside every package, you get a tattoo. Another great unique mint gift are these little mints that come in this beautiful little tin from Lavie. They come in several different flavors, including peppermint. Different fruit flavors, and assorted fruit flavor. These make a great gif...