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Cat Stevens (Terence Hill) and Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer) recover some stolen gold and also collect some money by blackmailing a bank director who had given information about gold deliveries to the robbers who had stolen it. The bank director goes to visit Cacopoulos (Eli Wallach), who is to be hanged the next day, in jail and tells him that he will get him freed but Cacopoulos will have to kill Cat and Hutch. He agrees but he has his own vengeance against the bank director and two more who were his companions in a bank robbery but had left him to be hanged while they escaped. To start with Cacopoulos kills the people who came to free him. He also kills the bank director and steals the money and the gold from Cat and Hutch. In order to get money and the gold, they help Cacopoulos in his mission for revenge.