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Mistakes When Baking Bread - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Judith Klinger from Aroma Cuzzina and we are going to be talking about four, five mistakes that people commonly make when they bake bread. But relax, these are not really mistakes, these are just things that you should know and be aware of, that your bread will come out better. One of the first things that you should do is use bread flour instead of all purpose flour. All purpose flour is a hydrate between hard and soft, you want an all hard high protein flour, because it has the gluttons that will develop the elasticity and the structure that you want for your bread. Another thing to avoid, is add the salt last, when you put all your ingredients in together add the salt last because it changes the hydration and if you add it too soon you will get tricked and you will end up with your bread dapping away too gloopy and too wet. And one thing you absolutely have to do you need to need, bread is a live living thing and you need to adjust for the water or the flour if it is too dry, if it is too wet, and the only way you can do that is by feeling it. Your weather in your kitchen, your atmosphere in your kitchen will literally change how your doe is that particular day. And you do not have to worry about making a mess, because you are not going to put any flour on your table where you are working because that changes again the ratio. So as you work it, when you first turn it out on to the table it makes a goopy mess but as you work it, it all comes together, pulls in together, comes alive in your hands and there is nothing left on the table, you have no mess at all. And the last thing that you need to take care of is time. Give your bread some time to develop flavors, if you put your bread in the refrigerator overnight and let it do a slow rise, it is going to taste much much better.