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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Hey guys, thanks for tuning back into clevver movies, im Tatiana carrier and Ive got the latest on the biggest baddest, titanic 3d!AS you guys already know, Titanic is coming back to our screens this April in a shiny, new 3D conversion. Now we don't know whos more excited about this reunion with Rose jack and goers or James Cameron!He recently showed 18 minutes of 3D-retooled footage, and then took the stage at 20th Century Fox's Zanuck screening room and had lots to say about the 1998 hit.He said, "We get to bring Titanic back to the big screen after having been gone for 15 years. There's a whole generation of people who have never seen the film in a movie theatre. I'm a strong believer in the theatrical experience in general, but specifically for this film. When people commit three hours plus a little bit of their lives to sit in a dark room and share this journey with these characters, they find that it's a very powerful, emotional experience and I have to think it's a lot more of an emotional experience than one would get watching it on video. 3D gives us an opportunity to re-invent the concept of a re-release. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but the 3D seems to be a turbocharger, a conceptual hook that allows people to say it will be different."Well I just cant wait! But what about you guys, will you be catching up with titanic bigger and better than ever when it releases in 3d? let us know by commenting below and keep it locked right here on clevver movies for all the latest movie news!