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The video "Got A Light" by Bluerays Moonwalkers makes it abundantly clear that these guys have talent. The lead in the band pays great respect to Michael Jackson in the manner in which he pulls off his dance moves, and the inspired moonwalk which he has mastered. The video has an overlay of a shadow of Michael Jackson dancing. A vibrant blue light then enters the lab, where the lead singer, posing as a chemistry lab worker, is transformed by the light into an entertainer when the light enters his heart. This video has very clever use of symbols and special effects. Pop music fans in India should be very proud of this band who represents them so well and has such great potential. The music is uptempo with nice use of keyboards, and drums that are played with skill, responding well to the bass. The video edits are clean, and the locations include enthusiastic high tech workers, amazing trees, and dancing on rooftops with Jackson style choreography, and happy children. There's a future for this band if they want it, they just have to keep striving, These guys could go places.