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The journey to success has its ups and downs, all the innovators and go-getters of the world know that. For K Michael, creator of the Forever K Michael designer eyewear collection, success is air bound. By fusing the best music with sleek and stylish eyewear, he created something unique, not to mention a must-have accessory. After partnering with the fashionable, yet affordable, NYS Collection, K Michael's next step would be to involve basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal in his endeavors. "Forever K Michael The Journey 3" is a short video that takes us to Orlando, FL with K Michael, where he continues the never-ending branding process. This time, he is giving the presentation of his life in a room full of O'Neal's partners and endorsers, or, in other words, a room full of some the top most and well known names in the world. Exciting or terrifying? Backed by an upbeat and rhythmic sound, the video shows K Michael arriving at an airport in, what can be assumed, Orlando, meeting with the NYS Collection executives, and giving the presentation that would change his life, all while donning his trendy shades. K Michael has done a fine job in crafting quality eyewear that can complement any look. It is obvious that he will not rest until he gains global recognition and dominates the industry. Pretty soon new entrepreneurs will be pitching their ideas to K Michael, talented, fashionable, and successful businessman, forever sharing his passion. Email: Website: