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Chris Reardon's Talk Show. Subscribe to my You Tube Channel. Username ChrisReardonUK This show is recorded "LIVE" on Friday's. You can join in on Friday's at 10.30am BST (UK Time) by skype "chrisreardon" or telephone (London number) 020 8133 6358 by watching at Feet. Happy Birthday Millie. "Harmony" - Barry Manilow's new musical. Do I drink ? Should I form a boy band ? What would it be called ? Who would be the other members ? Hooch. Longer shows possible from next week. Excellent service from Amazon. A nursery rhyme for Evie. Would you claim for whiplash if you had nothing wrong ? Going down the stairs like a cat. Angela Rippon. President Mugabe. Did you see the ad on Facebook for this show ? "Behind the Candelabra". Great film. Not for children. Toshiba laptop breaks down. Marj on the phone. Pulled over by the Police. Something on the floor. Twitter chrisreardonuk